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Divorce Lawyer in Bali

According to many marriage counseling firms in Bali, there are many reasons contribute to divorce cases in Indonesia including poor communication, marital infidelity, domestic violence, financial stress, job loss, religious differences, and cultural conflicts. In this article, we as divorce lawyer in Bali will tell you what the applicable law is and how you can get a divorce legally in Indonesia.

Marriage Law in Indonesia confirmed that a married couple could file for divorce when one of them is an Indonesian person, an Indonesian resident or someone who has a significant bond with Indonesia. The divorce process of a Muslim couple will be performed based on Islamic religious procedure regulations at a religious court; a divorce for non-Muslim couple will be conducted based on general court procedure regulations in a general court.

Muslim Married Couples

Muslim married couples can only proceed a divorce at the religious court when the court has failed to reconcile them. There are 3 types of divorce processes can be seen under the Religious Court Law:

  • Thalak (a divorce filed by a Muslim husband). Once the divorce is finalised, the former husband is obliged to pay the ex-wife proper mut’ah in the form of goods or money
  • Divorce lawsuit filed by the wife or the wife’s representative

Non-Muslim Married Couples

Non-Muslim married couples can only divorce once the court has failed to reconcile their relationship, according to Indonesian Marriage Law. Non-Muslim couples’ divorce has to be conducted through divorce lawsuit submitted to the general court by the wife or the husband.

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